Our Story

When you hold a piece of professional K9 equipment from Hortonís, itís not just rich in features and quality; itís also rich in history.

Founded in 1972 by Robert Horton, Horton's Handcrafted Quality K9 equipment has a long-standing history of quality and excellence.

Robert Horton began sewing at a very young age. After his school-aged years, he secured a position as a tailor in the United States Navy where he traveled all over the country and the world.

As the í70ís decade began, Robert and a few other pivotal dog trainers came together to form the Greater Atlanta Schutzhund Club. Due to its infancy, the club was without proper training equipment with which to use. Robert took the initiative to start creating high quality equipment on which his friends and fellow trainers could use and rely.

From his small workshop in Marietta, Georgia, he turned a hobby into a family-owned and operated business. His first-hand knowledge of the equipment required for successful dog-training led to the creation of the high caliber items that are seen from Horton's Handcrafted Quality K9 equipment today. Most importantly, Robert Horton instilled and imparted in his son, that which makes Horton's the oldest and largest custom manufacturer of canine equipment in the United States.

Since his early years, Paul Horton was reared in his father's workshop, surrounded by the dog-training world. Having apprenticed under his father and working alongside his father for years, Paul's natural talent for designing and manufacturing canine equipment to meet the needs of today's trainers emerged.

In 1995, after Robert Horton's passing, Paul decided to move the family from Marietta to Geneva, Georgia. 37 years after Robert Horton founded Horton's Handcrafted Quality K9 equipment, son, Paul, and grandson, Paul Horton, Jr., have taken the Horton's shop to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Jasper, GA, only an hour from Atlanta, GA.

Continuing his father's legacy of handcrafted, quality canine training equipment, Paul Sr. ensures that future generations of dog-trainers can rely on the craftsmanship and excellence that has become associated with the Horton name by imparting the same knowledge, skills, and values to his son, Paul Jr.

Horton's Handcrafted Quality K9 equipment boasts quality canine training equipment that is designed and manufactured by Paul Horton Sr., Susan Horton, and their son, Paul Horton, Jr. in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Jasper, GA, only an hour from Atlanta, GA.

Their support of canine training and canine sporting events and organizations are maintained through meeting and exceeding their clients' needs and expectations.

As always, the Hortons take extreme pride and honor in the service requested of them by the United States armed forces and various law enforcement agencies. The Hortons will always stand by the 100% guarantee of their products, and the pride, quality, and legacy that they bring into the future will be evident in the equipment you receive.
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